” Adele Stan wrote about the underlying sexism that she felt

The pocket rocket custom sex doll, in traditional Doc Johnson style, is not intended for penetrative use, but merely external usage. I found that, with the […]

Another sign of homelessness? Weird T shirts from corporate

Here is where my problem I’d though, no more background. Last night I had a dream, which itself is already odd. With my severe insomnia, I […]

After the swelling and pain goes away

I have a general idea. I have a dress and a backup dress, but then I might get another dress. These are our Oscars but not […]

His secretary (thank you T) told me that without the reading

A few months later into our relationship dildos, while having sex I would go back to her stories and think about her sleeping with her most […]

Rhodes, 1868), the defendant was found to have struck his wife

The Left didn spend the last 5 decades re branding the Lost Cause, but the Right sure as hell has gone hard on the Southern Strategy. […]

Courtesy: Fox NewsChris Brown and his daughter Royalty attend

I then used OBDeleven to do the coding. They have a pre built app just for the folding so it was very simple. All in all […]